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Services for channel development, partner programs and enablement

Pancer Channel Solutions offers a comprehensive set of services to drive the recruitment, enablement and management of your business partners to accelerate time to market and increase market share. These services are based on Raquel Pancer's extensive experience applying best practices in the industry.

Channel strategy and selection

With so many channels to choose from, the process of determining the best channel strategy for your product or service can be overwhelming. We will utilize a channel selection process that helps you navigate through the complexity of multi-channel environments.

We start by working with you to uncover your key end user segments, buying process and channel preference. We then explore appropriate channel [sales] options and identify each channel's individual sales processes, market power, support capabilities, existing customer base and willingness to consider new partners. Pancer Channel Solutions also identifies potential channel conflict situations or opportunities.

Once all of these variables are determined, we recommend an appropriate mix of channels, and work with you to design a channel framework that delivers the growth results you and your partners demand. top

Partner Program development

Companies work with many different kinds of partners serving a wide range of market segments. We work diligently to ensure you are meeting the needs of all of your partners by arming them with the tools and resources they need to build a successful joint business, and improve both your bottom line and that of your partner.

A best-of-breed Partner Program created with the assistance of Pancer Channel Solutions provides you with a comprehensive set of tools and support to ensure your partners' success. It also mitigates channel conflict by providing a collaborative environment in which partners are encouraged to work with you, as well as with other partners, to grow their business and profits.

To accomplish all of your objectives, contact Pancer Channel Solutions; we will provide you with customized solutions for your specific channel needs. top

Learn more about managing the Partner Program lifecycle and its value to you.

Sales tools and training

Once the partner mix is established, we assist you in designing a go to market approach, and the supporting resources to meet growth expectations. Sales tools are key for partners to create and implement successful sales planning, sales management, sales support, and lead generation programs. Appropriate tools also enable you to gain visibility into the sales activities and pipeline of your partners. Training, one of the most important phases in the partner readiness process, is many times overlooked. Pancer Channel Solutions helps you to define the sales and technical roadmaps and delivery mediums that ensure your partners are ready and able to drive new business for you, and to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. top

Deal registration

Deal registration is a feature of some vendors' channel programs whereby a channel partner informs the vendor about a lead and is given priority for it. Deal registration is typically put in place to lower the chance of channel conflict -- a situation in which channel partners have to compete against one another or your internal sales teams. Pancer Channel Solutions helps you identify the best deal registration offering for your partners, and assists you in the development and launch of the program. top

Partner portal creation

A partner portal is a Web-based application that allows your established partners to obtain direct access to marketing resources, pricing and sales information, as well as technical details/support and other tools and resources that are unavailable to other end users, all easily accessed from a single place.

The partner portal:

  • Easily provides partners quick access to the latest sales and product materials to allow your partners to sell more and help you boost your revenue and profits
  • Tracks distributor activity to help evaluate the effectiveness of your channel or partner programs
  • Allows partners outside the firewall to access information just as easily as internal sales teams - but only the information you authorize
  • Achieves consistent messaging and branding for prospects and customers, and insures that partners distribute the most up-to-date materials

Leveraging partnerships

The success of your channel program is dependent on your ability to communicate with your partners, and for partners to communicate with each other. Pancer Channel Solutions helps you maximize partner-to-partner collaboration and communication leading to strong and profitable partner relationships. top

Channel conflict resolution

Pancer Channel Solutions has the knowledge and foresight to help you avoid conflicts that may arise between partners who clash over some operations, such as distribution networks. Such conflicts can put stress on the relationship, and turn partners into competitors as well as partners. If channel conflicts do arise, we help you resolve the conflict and reestablish productive relationships. top

Managing the Partner Program lifecycle

Pancer Channel Solutions will help you develop a partner program to assist you and your partners efficiently go to market so that everyone can achieve their revenue and market share goals. Going to market with and through the channel requires a single, programmatic, repeatable and scalable framework that supports all partner categories worldwide. These programs enable you, the vendor, to effectively and efficiently manage the partner relationship across its entire life cycle, shown in this chart:

life cycle

Why is managing the partner life cycle valuable to you?


You want to extend your market reach to increase revenue. You want partners that add value to you. You want to have the right channel mix. You want to achieve more with smaller internal resources. And you want partners to have a relationship with you. Pancer Channel Solutions will:

  • Maximize the value of your products and services to build your partner community
  • Provide a structured approach that provides partners the ability to best communicate with you
  • Enable easy infrastructure to deliver, sell and support all types of partners, including Partner Portal and Deal Registration tools
  • Push planning tools to coordinate, track, and execute broad range of programs across multiple channels


You want to fully equip partners. You want to reinforce training. You want consistent execution. You want more feet on the street faster. You need to enable your partners to be able to fully scale their sales force. And you want to improve customer interactions and facilitate learning so your product is the first to sell. Pancer Channel Solutions will:

  • Support just in-time learning
  • Push most up to date technical training and materials to your partners
  • Improve the quality of your support with insight into the materials that are being utilized
  • Enable easy, ongoing access to the best training
  • Develop technical support coverage


You want to impact the sales cycle. You want to provide materials and programs that assist partners create demand for your products and services. You want to connect partners with partners, with your company and with prospects and customers. You need to equip your partners with the tools and resources necessary to maintain consistent messaging while delivering differentiable sales strategies. Pancer Channel Solutions will:

  • Push the most effective materials, tools and insight to your partners
  • Develop a Web-based application that allows a partner to obtain direct access to marketing resources, pricing and sales information. Create a global, "self service," online catalog providing customers, prospects and partners, the ability to search for partners and partner solutions
  • Ensure brand consistency of presentations, proposals and marketing materials
  • Allow your partners to spend less time creating assets and more time marketing
  • Collect leads from your partners by providing demand generation programs
  • Allow partners to effectively and efficiently customize your assets to run joint or self marketing campaigns


You want to make it easier for partners to sell or influence the sale of your products and services. You want to increase channel revenue. You want to increase mindshare and minimize channel conflict. You want to be involved throughout the sales cycle. You want your partners to be efficient and effective by providing tools they will actually use. Pancer Channel Solutions will:

  • Ramp sellers faster
  • Ensure partners have the latest content and competitive intelligence
  • Share best practices of top performers
  • Enable instant and on-demand  collaboration with your Company
  • Understand prospects and opportunities
  • Assess opportunities for Deal Registration


You want to track, measure, and improve your contribution to and from partners based on qualitative and quantitative feedback. Pancer Channel Solutions will:

  • Access a network of key partners and learn from other experts
  • Gather feedback to improve, refine and prioritize tools and programs
  • Track compliance with ongoing mutual business objectives

To accomplish all of your objectives, contact Pancer Channel Solutions. We will provide you with customized solutions for your specific channel needs. top

“While in charge of Latin America, Raquel brought a wealth of experience, energy and creativity that resulted in a very visible increase in the understanding and use of Business Partners in that geography for IBM.”

Nicolas Simon,
  Manager, Channels Marketing, IBM Canada Limited

“Raquel brings energy and vision to her work. She is action oriented and encourages planning that can be achievable and pushes toward real execution.”

Diane Weiss
  Director, Global Online Strategy, Oracle

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